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Color Commentator

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Color Commentator

  • ESB International
  • Volunteer
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  • You will become one of the faces of our Brand and are therefore expected to act professionally.
  • Provide professional and unbiased coverage of the event you will be broadcasting
    • No cursing, foul or discriminatory language tolerated
  • Work with Main Casters ahead of events in order to provide the viewers with extra insights on what they will be watching.
  • Research the teams/players you will be casting beforehand and prepare reports to share with the Main Caster ahead of live streams.



  • Competitive experience in either Battlefield 4 / 1 / V
  • Knowledge of the community(ies) you will be casting, including but not limited to players and teams that actively compete.
  • A solid Internet connection
  • Ability to be on Discord during live streams
  • A good quality microphone
  • Ability to cast on multiple platforms a big plus.


Note: Please send links to any matches you may have broadcast in the past on Battlefield 1/Battlefield V.

ESB International

ESB International is an eSports Organization and Community founded in 2013 by both competitive Battlefield players and eSports enthusiasts alike.

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