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Color Commentator

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Color Commentator

  • ESB International
  • Volunteer
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  • You will become a face of our Brand and are therefore expected to act profesionally.
  • Provide professional and unbiased coverage of the event you will be broadcasting
    • No cursing,foul or discriminatory language tolerated
  • Work with Main Casters ahead of events in order to provide the viewers with extra insights on what they will be watching.
  • Research the teams/players you will be casting before hand and prepare reports to share with the Main Caster ahead of livestreams.



  • Competitive experience in Battlefield 1
  • Knowledge of the community(ies) you will be casting, including but not limited to players and teams that actively compete.
  • A solid Internet connection
  • Ability to be on Discord during livestreams
  • A good quality microphone
  • Ability to cast on multiple platforms a big plus.


Note: Please send links to any matches you may have broadcast in the past on Battlefield 1.

ESB International

ESB International is an eSports Organization and Community founded in 2013 by both competitive Battlefield players and eSports enthusiasts alike.

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